Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Studies is an interdisciplinary program for students who are interested in exploring various aspects of health professions. The program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for entry-level positions in health professions settings.

The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) concentration within this degree prepares students for entry into the Medical Laboratory Science program at UNMC. The MLS concentration includes all of the required prerequisite coursework needed for entry into the UNMC MLS program. This program allows students to earn their BS in Healthcare Studies from Bryan upon successful completion of the MLS program at UNMC. Students will apply to the MLS program at UNMC during their junior year and admission to the MLS program is at the sole discretion of UNMC.

Requirements for Graduation 

Attainment of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies degree requires satisfactory completion of 120 semester hours of credit. Each student must complete a core requirement of 48 general education credits. The remaining 72 credit hours will be comprised of a minimum of 40 credit hours in the student’s selected concentration(s) and additional credits to equal 120 credits. 

For the MLS Concentration, each student must complete a core requirement of 48 general education credits and 29 additional credits within the MLS concentration. The remaining 43 credits will be transferred in from UNMC’s MLS program upon successful completion of the MLS program. 

Curriculum Objectives

Upon completion of this program, students will:

  1. Demonstrate skill in critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, communication, basic ethics and professional standards specific to various health professions.
  2. Utilize a broad range of academic proficiencies which enhance opportunities for pursuing an advanced degree in a chosen health profession.
  3. Apply knowledge and skills necessary to successfully function in entry-level positions in a variety of health professions settings.