Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies - Biomedical Sciences/Social Sciences Concentration (BS)

Degree Type
Bachelor of Science

General Education Courses

Students must complete 48 credit hours of required general education courses.   

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Students must complete 3 credit hours in a course that has a cultural studies designation.  It is recommended that students complete a course listed in the following table which will satisfy the cultural studies requirement , as well as, another general education requirement.

GERO303 Sociocultural Aspects of Aging Social Sciences Elective
INTL202-2 or INTL202-3 Academic Travel Abroad Humanities or Social Sciences Elective
INTL205-2 or INTL205-3 International Service Training Humanities or Social Sciences Elective
MGMT215 Global Healthcare Delivery and Finance Business/Management Elective
PBHL305 Global Health Social Sciences
RELI215 Comparative Religion Humanities Elective
RELI316 Christian Spirituality and Healing Humanities Elective
SIGN111 Sign Language for Healthcare Providers I Humanities Elective
SOCI222 Global Community:  Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Social Sciences Elective
SOCI320 Gender and Sexuality Studies Social Sciences Elective
SOCI324 Applying Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness Social Sciences Elective
SPAN101H Beginning Spanish I for Health Professions Humanities Elective
SPAN215 Spanish International Service Learning Humanities Elective
SPAN313 Latinos in the United States Humanities Elective

Biomedical Sciences/Social Sciences Concentration

(46 credits: 15 from Category A, 21 from Category B, 3 from Category A or B, and all from Category C)

Biomedical Sciences/Social Sciences - Category A

Students must complete 15 credit hours of courses at the 200 level or higher with the following prefixes:  GERO/PSYC/SOCI.  12 of the 15 hours must be at the 300 level or higher. 

Sub-Total Credits

Biomedical Sciences/Social Sciences - Category B

Students must complete 21 credit hours at the 200 level or higher with the following prefixes:  BIOS/CHEM/PHYS.  14 hours must be at the 300 level or higher. 

Sub-Total Credits

Biomedical Sciences/Social Sciences - Category C

Students must complete all courses listed in Category C.

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Sub-Total Credits

Elective Courses

Your advisor will work with you to select the appropriate general elective courses for your degree plan. 3 credits must be from courses listed in Category A, B, or C that  haven't already been taken.

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Total Credits