The possession of weapons on campus is prohibited. Weapons are identified as: handgun, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, knife or edged weapons (with blade longer than 3.5 inches), bow and arrow, crossbow, ammunition, martial arts equipment, or other device capable of launching a projectile and causing bodily harm.
Possession of any of these items on campus will result in a code of conduct violation investigation.

Exceptions to this prohibition are:

  • Weapons, legally owned, out of sight and secured in personally owned vehicles located in parking lots, garages, and streets on Bryan College of Health Sciences or Bryan Medical Center Properties, or
  • Weapons possessed by certified and commissioned law enforcement officers or retired law enforcement officers in accordance with law, or
  • Weapons possessed by armed security or armed officers in the performance of lawful duties, i.e. armored car officers, armed corporate security.