Video Camera Use

The following guidelines have been developed for the utilization of the Bryan College of Health Sciences video camera.

  1. The video camera must be checked out and returned to the Bryan College of Health Sciences Education Information Technology Office.
  2. The camera can be checked-out based on the following authorization:
    1. Bryan College of Health Sciences Faculty use for academic purposes.
    2. Faculty approved student use for course/academic purposes.
    3. Administrator approval for requested use by other hospital departments/employees.
  3. Students are financially responsible for equipment that is lost or broken while checked out to them.

Video Recording in the Simulation Center

Video recording may be used in the simulation lab during simulated clinical experiences. Recordings may be used during the debriefing period to help students reflect on the actions and activities that occurred during the simulated clinical experience.

This recording will only be viewed by those students who participated in the simulated clinical experience, the instructor(s), and the simulation lab faculty. The video will be stored on a password-protected area of the College’s computer system. It may temporarily be placed on Canvas but password protected so that only the participants may access it. The videos will be deleted from the computer at the end of each semester.

Under no circumstances will the video be viewed by unauthorized people without written consent of the participant(s). The video will not be uploaded to any public viewing site such as If a faculty member wishes to use portions of a video for educational purposes or as part of a conference presentation, they will obtain written consent from the participant(s) prior to that use. If a video is going to be used for research purposes, written consent will be obtained. The video may be transferred to a DVD and stored in a locked file cabinet.