Transfer Students

Students previously enrolled as undergraduate students at other colleges are considered for transfer based on their college work to date. Students must meet Admissions criteria for acceptance prior to transcript evaluations. Placement into the desired program is based on prior scholastic and clinical performance and the similarity of the programs in terms of sequence and content. A minimum of 32 credit hours must be completed in the program major at Bryan  College of Health Sciences before a transfer student may graduate. In addition, baccalaureate degrees require the completion of 30 credits hours at the 300 or 400 level.  Credit will not be awarded for 100 and 200 level courses that would prevent students from earning the required 30 hours of upper level coursework.

Courses in a major for which transfer credit is granted will not be included in calculating a student's grade point average.  

All transfer credit must be from a regionally accredited institution. Credit transferred for nursing or sonography courses must be from a program that is accredited by a recognized specialty accrediting body.