Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices

  1. Students are encouraged to appropriately utilize online resources to enhance learning and quality patientcare. Personal electronic devices (PEDs) may be utilized to access such resources, according to this policy. PEDs may include Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), smartphones, tablets, or any other handheld or worn computers. Use of PEDs for personal, non-school related functions is prohibited in the classroom and clinical settings and students engaging in this behavior will be requested to leave the classroom or clinical area. Inappropriate use of PEDs may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the College.
    1. Suspected violations should be reported to the Dean of the Program. The Dean of the Program will consult with the Dean of Students in the investigation to determine a course of action and potential sanction.
  2. Classroom Usage
    Use of PEDs in the classroom is limited to activities that enhance learning of the content at hand. Such use may not impede the learning of other class participants. No unapproved electronics are allowed during any exams. Students may not be able to see/hear/feel/wear these devices during exams [devices are to be left in purses/backpacks, and no devices can be in the immediate possession of any person].

  3. Clinical Usage

    1. PEDs are to be used in the clinical areas, and for lab activities and classroom exercises as directed by faculty. Use of PEDs in clinical areas is regulated by the clinical agencies, local, state, and federal regulations and laws. All students are fully responsible for following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and the Protected Health Information Policy.

    2. Capturing electronic files (including but not limited to pictures, video, or audio recordings) pertaining to class, clinical, or lab settings is prohibited.

    3. The student should always explain the reason for the use of PEDs prior to using the device in the presence of patients, family members, staff, and healthcare professionals.

    4. The student is solely responsible for the care and maintenance of personal PEDs. Neither the College nor clinical agencies are liable for lost or damaged PEDs.

  4. Infection control precautions are expected and must be maintained when using PEDs. Disinfect PEDs per clinical site, science lab, or manufacturer recommendations.