Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is comprised of six divisions: Academic Services, Professional Development, Financial Aid Services, Student Services, Health and Wellness, and Campus Culture.

Academic Services supports academic success. Support is provided to improve academic standing, early intervention to improve academic outcomes and increase student involvement in the learning process by facilitating a peer tutor program.

Professional Development enhances the skills students need to be successful in college and beyond. Support is provided to promote personal and professional success, increase student involvement in the college experience by promoting involvement in professional activities, act as liaison for student referrals and

information to internal and external resources, and collaborate with faculty on student issues. A student mentoring program is provided to enhance professionalism and help in connecting and building relationships with other students.

Financial Aid Services provides information and direction to students wanting financial aid resources to attend Bryan College of Health Sciences. They provide counsel to all students in exploring funding methods and resources to best meet their college expenses, recognize and honor the responsibility to deliver funds in a timely and equitable manner, identify new methods of financial assistance delivery, while continuously improving the processes, work collaboratively with all areas of the College to consistently uphold a high standard of honesty, integrity and a commitment to student service.

Student Services provides opportunities for students to develop personally, professionally and socially through active engagement in community service, student organizations and student life. They provide educational, cultural, wellness, social and recreational programs for students, assistance to students and student organizations to interact more effectively with one another and with the college community, promote self-governing opportunities and provide access to decision making activities for students and provide efficient administrative services for student retention, orientation, activities and counseling.

Health and Wellness Services provides support and guidance for the members of the college community in regard to health and wellness. They plan, develop, implement and evaluate health promotion activities, and health screening activities with a focus on health promotion and injury/illness prevention. Health and Wellness Services is also a liaison to student health services. The objective of the student health program is to provide adequate health supervision and service that best serves the interests of both the students and the College. Emphasis is placed on positive health attitudes and increasing awareness of the students’ attitudes regarding their health. Prior to enrollment, the student submits a health history and validation of required immunizations. Each student is required to show proof of health insurance coverage. Coverage must be maintained throughout enrollment at the College.

The Campus Culture at Bryan College of Health Sciences cultivates an inclusive and responsive college climate underscored with fairness and equality, provides a safe and stimulating learning environment, welcomes and celebrates the diversity of the campus community, provides support and services which are inclusive and accessible to all students, provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to interact with one another in formal and informal settings in order to establish a campus culture that facilitates student engagement and interaction, and increases diversity-related knowledge and cultural competence among college constituents through programs and services.