Student Organizations

Action For Students -AFS

The organization prides itself in promoting social and community service. Members actively participate in building social relationships inside and outside of the College. The organization also participates in enriching the College atmosphere through potlucks, social outings, decorating pumpkins, faculty appreciation activities, playing bingo with long-term care facilities, and fundraising for charity organizations. The organization is proud to share that they have donated over $22,000 towards a student scholarship fund at the College. This is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Being a member will enhance your life personally and professionally. There are no membership dues.

Bryan Student Nurses' Association (BSNA)

A local chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA), a pre-professional organization for nursing students which allows you the opportunity to network and receive support from other nursing students. All nursing students are welcome to join BSNA. However, one can choose to join the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) for a small fee.  By joining NSNA, you are automatically a member of the national,state,andlocalchapters. Active membership in NSNA provides nursing students with growth both personally and professionally. As a member of NSNA, you will benefit from scholarships, student insurance, credit cards, receive the NSNA journal “Imprint,” and the opportunity to attend state and national conventions. Members are also involved in numerous community service projects throughout the academic year and participate in fundraising activities.

American Red Cross

Do you want to give back to your community? Do you want something impressive to put on your resume?? Become a Red Cross volunteer!!! There are different levels of volunteering that you can participate in. You can teach elementary students Basic First Aid, help with blood drives, teach elementary students about being prepared in disasters, or volunteer with other community activities. The second level would be to become a First Aid Responder. As a First Aid Responder, you would be able to participate in the First Aid Stations at all UNL sporting events, all Lied Center events and numerous other activities around the city.   To become a First Aid Responder, there are two classes that are necessary and these classes are free of charge if you are a registered volunteer for the American Red Cross. Not only does volunteering with the Red Cross count for service learning hours at the college, but as a reward for volunteering for 20 or more hours, you will earn a prestigious American Red Cross pin. This pin will be awarded once you have obtained your RN license. What a great way to help others in need and get something back in return.

Biomedical Sciences Club

The mission of the Biomedical Sciences club is to connect Biomedical Science major and minor students through social and community service experiences. We want to continue our scientific learning outside of class with study groups and hands-on experience in the medical field. We are aiming to promote Biomedical Sciences and to continue its growth with the annual Science Symposium.

Caring with Christ

This organization is open to all students and its mission is to disciple our classmates, faculty and clients we care for, minister to those in need, Rejoice in the gifts of the day, prayerfully support one another, incorporate the word of the Lord into our daily lives.

Diversity Club 

This organization is open to all students and its mission is to educate, advocate and promote awareness of our diverse College and community through a supportive network. The Diversity Club has routine meetings throughout the academic year that include guest speakers, which have provided dynamic presentations and interactive discussions. Some of our activities include speaker panels where students share their own stories (Assimilating from Sudan to America), while other speakers come from the community (Elimination of Violence against Women). In addition we enjoy watching videos (The Danger of a Single Story) with student lead discussion. We invite you to come and be a part of getting to know the diverse aspect of our student body.

Health Promotion Organization

A way to promote healthy lifestyles through intramural sports, community walks and volunteering at the Lincoln marathon. Join us on Facebook at BCHS Health Promotions to encourage, support, and promote a healthy lifestyle with other students and faculty. Watch BCHS Health Promotions Facebook page and check email for weekly activities. Let’s get moving!