Student Health Policy and Health Services

The objective of the Student Health and Wellness program is to encourage health promotion and illness prevention. The College provides limited health services through Employee Health located on both East and West campuses of the Bryan Medical Center. These services are available to students Monday through Friday, 0700 to 1600. Students are encouraged to call (402) 481-8622 for appointments. In addition, Nurse Practitioner services are available by appointment for acute illness or urgent care. Students can also access Bryan Health ezVisit, an online virtual care service, at no charge using the code bluehealer or access one of the Bryan Urgent Care facilities using own health insurance.

Students as health care providers are at increased risk of exposure to communicable and bloodborne illness including, but not limited to: influenza, tuberculosis, hepatitis, pertussis and COVID-19. (Refer to Bryan College of Health Sciences website for COVID-19 information). Students are required to maintain complete and current health and immunization records with Student Health. This requirement ensures the well-being of students, clients and the Bryan Health community. (Please refer to the Program-specific polices for additional health and safety information).

A. Health and Immunization Requirements

Students are required to provide proof of required immunizations/immunity, complete the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire and identify allergies.

  1. Required Immunizations:

  • Hepatitis B - 3 dose vaccine series; (BSN and Sonography also required to have a positive immunity study in addition to vaccine series)

  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) - 2 dose vaccine series or a positive immunity study if had Chicken Pox disease

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) - 2 dose vaccine series or positive immunity study of each

  • Meningococcal Conjugate (meningitis) - Only for students under the age of 21 years One dose of conjugate vaccine from ages 11-15 years with a booster vaccination at age 16 years OR If did not receive conjugate vaccine prior to 16 years old, one vaccination prior to being a first year student at college

  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) - 1 dose required – expires in 10 years

  • Tetanus (Td) – If Tdap date has expired, update with Tetanus vaccine or another Tdap vaccine

  • Tuberculosis – (2-step TB skin test or blood test -IGRA) - within 12 months prior to start date of first class

  • Influenza vaccination- All students who attend class on campus are required to follow Bryan Health’s policy on mandatory seasonal influenza vaccination. For students who decline or cannot have the flu vaccine for medical reasons, a declination form must be signed and the student will follow Bryan Health’s policy including wearing a mask when a sustained level of influenza cases has been identified in the community. Influenza vaccination will be provided at no expense to students.

Non Degree Seeking (NDS) students with a clinical component in their assigned course must complete a TB screening questionnaire, provide proof of a current Tuberculosis (TB) screening within 6 months prior to course start date and follow Bryan Health’s policy on seasonal influenza vaccinations.
Non Degree Seeking (NDS) students without a clinical component in their assigned course are exempt from these requirements except for Bryan Health’s policy on seasonal influenza vaccinations.
100% Online Programs- these students are exempt from all immunization requirements.

B. Student Health and Wellness Office (located in Room 214 B)

  1. Student Health Nurses will monitor and ensure completion of required Tuberculosis Screenings for current students participating in clinically based programs.
  2. Students will be notified by Health Nurses of immunizations that require renewal to meet continued immunization requirements.
  3. Health Nurses will coordinate the seasonal influenza vaccinations clinics at the college.
  4. Students can request and obtain a copy of their immunization record through Student Health or the Registration Office.

C. Health and Hospital Insurance/Medical Expenses

  1. Students are required to be covered by health and hospitalization insurance. The name of the insurance carrier and the identification numbers of the student are to be kept current with the Registrar. Students can contact Student Health for health insurance questions and informational resources.
  2. Students coming into the College with any known physical conditions are to be responsible for their medications and treatments resulting from these conditions.
  3. Medications, referrals, treatments, diagnostic tests or other special services will be at the student's own expense.

D. Illness/Injury/Hospitalization/Surgery/Exposure

  1. Students reporting an absence are expected to follow the specific course protocols identified for each classroom and clinical experience.
  2. If a student is seen at Employee Health for a health condition, the nurse can make the recommendation whether or not the student should return to class or clinical. The nurse communicates the recommendation to College personnel. The student may be referred to their personal healthcare provider for follow-up care at the student’s expense. If the student does not have a personal healthcare provider, Employee Health or Student Health can assist in providing referral information through the Bryan Physician Network.
  3. Student referrals to Employee Health for assessment/services require authorization on file for health nurses to release a student’s’ personal health information to Employee Health.
  4. If a student is absent related to injury, hospital admission, surgery or any actual or probable infectious conditions, the student must present medical documentation to the course faculty, supervising instructor or Student Health nurse. Faculty will forward all medical documentation received from a student to the health nurse for review and placement in the student’s health file. Documentation must specify the date when a student can return to normal academic activities and specify any restrictions that may impact the student’s ability to engage in normal classroom or clinical experience. Students with physical restrictions/limitations may not be allowed to provide patient care in the clinical area. This will be evaluated by faculty on a case-by- case basis depending on the clinical area at time of the illness/injury. Students are encouraged to contact the ADA Coordinator to discuss situation and determine if special accommodations are deemed necessary.
  5. Faculty and College Administration reserve the right to specify provisions of treatment and follow-up for return to course activities following illness, injuries, or hospitalization.
  6. Student Injuries while attending class or clinical experience
    1. At time of injury, notify assigned faculty and contact Bryan Employee Health (402-481-8622) for evaluation/treatment if needed

    2. If emergency care and treatment is indicated.... seek medical attention at Emergency Dept., Urgent Care, or personal care provider.

    3. Access B-Safe reporting form on Hello Bryan website- use icon Employee Event and report incident as a student

  7. Student Needle Stick or Blood and Body Fluid Exposure (All exposures must be seen by Bryan Employee Health for follow up)

    1. At time of the exposure, notify assigned faculty and contact Bryan Employee Health (402-481-8622) or, if after hours, the on duty Administrative Manager at Bryan Health (402-481-1111).

    2. Exposures incurred at off campus educational experiences, must also be reported to that facility’s supervisory staff.

    3. Source patient blood is drawn onsite at the assigned facility. Blood testing for students is completed through Bryan Employee Health or as directed by that department.

    4. Access B-Safe reporting on Hello Bryan website- use icon Employee Event and report incident as a student