Student Grievance Policy

Bryan College of Health Sciences (BCHS) defines a grievance as a serious concern that a student regards as just cause for a complaint. Through the Student Grievance Policy, all students have the right to appeal an academic or non-academic matter in which they feel they have been treated unfairly. 

The BCHS Student Grievance Policy applies to such matters (not an exhaustive list) as appeal of an advising decision; appeal of a decision by an administrator or faculty advisor regarding permitting individual or group activities; complaint of unfair application of standards applied to work required for award of a degree; or complaint of unfair treatment by a staff, faculty, or third-party person associated with the college. However, the Grievance Policy does not apply in instances where there is an appeal process explicitly covered by another College policy. For example, Academic Integrity Violations may only be appealed by utilizing the appeal process outlined in the Academic Integrity Violation Policy.