CVTD341: Clinical Practicum I

Class Program
Credits 4

This course is designed to provide hands-on experience in performing complete adult cardiac or vascular sonographic exams in the clinical setting. The types of exams (adult cardiac or vascular) performed in this course will depend on the modality for which the student has been prepared. The student will be interacting with physicians, sonographers and patients. Preceptors will be assigned to act as mentors to the student to ensure a positive experience.


CARD314 Adult Cardiac Sonography Skills II or VASC316 Vascular Sonography Skills II; CARD345Adult Cardiac Sonography Clinical Experience or VASC347 Vascular Sonography Clinical Experience; CARD347 Core II: Adult Cardiac Sonography or VASC343 Core II: Vascular Sonography.

Prerequisite Courses