Advanced Placement in Sonography

Applicants with a Degree in a Sonography Specialty

An applicant who has earned an Associate of Science degree or higher in a sonography program at Bryan College of Health Sciences or another regionally accredited college, may be eligible for advanced placement in an additional sonography speciality, space permitting. Curriculum plans are developed on an individual basis. Students are required to complete all the courses in the major.

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisites to enrolling in the Advanced Placement program in sonography include:

HIMS100: Medical Terminology 1 semester hour (or demonstrated competency)
BIOS203: Anatomy and Physiology I (with Lab) or
BIOS234: Anatomy (with Lab)
4 semester hours

BIOS204: Anatomy and Physiology II (with lab) or

BIOS235: Anatomy (with lab)

4 semester hours
BIOS221: Pathophysiology (Diagnostic Medical Sonography only) 3 semester hours
MATH155: College Algebra 3 semester hours

PHYS105: Descriptive Physics (with lab)or 

PHYS210: General Physics (with lab)

4 semester hours
Current validation of training CPR Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (prior to enrollment of first clinical course)
Item #
Sub-Total Credits


For Bryan College of Health Sciences graduates, the official transcript reflects the advanced placement specialty as an additional major.  For students from a college other than Bryan College of Health Sciences, a certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the program and reflected on the official transcript.

Total credits: