Sonography Skills Laboratory:

Contact Information:

Skills Lab CR211: 402-481-8489
Skills Lab CR213: 402-481-8454
Skills Lab CR217: 402-481-8099

Signing up:

  1. You must sign-up for any times you wish to scan in the skills lab. You should plan to sign up at least 24 hours in advance of any slot you wish to reserve. The department reserves the right to close the skills lab for an evening or weekend shift if no students have signed up for a slot 24 hours prior to the start of that shift.
  2. You may only sign up for a scanning time within the following two weeks.
  3. Each time slot is 30 minutes. You may only sign up for a maximum of 3 consecutive time slots at one time (i.e. 1.5 hours)
  4. The Skills Lab sign-up sheet is available online. It is best accessed via Google Chrome.
  5. In the event you need to change your schedule, remove your name from the weekly schedule, allowing other students to utilize that time slot. Make sure you also contact your scanning volunteer.
  6. Please refer to your course instructor and/or syllabus for the specific hours the skills lab may be utilized.
  7. You are required to be on time for any times that you are signed up for the skills lab. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to their scheduled time will lose their time slot.

In-Lab Guidelines:

  1. Proper PPE is required at all times in the skills lab including any PPE required by current medical center guidelines (face coverings, etc.)
  2. The skills lab is a place to practice clinical preparedness. As such, professional and respectful behavior is expected by everyone at all times. Failure to adhere to the guidelines outlined here may result in a “U” in skills lab grading.
  3. Your Student ID must be displayed at all times during the use of the skills lab.
  4. Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the scanning bays at all, or within 7 feet of any skills lab equipment.
  5. Only students performing scans and their volunteers are allowed in the skills lab. No outside visitors are allowed, including students who are not participating in scanning.
  6. Consent forms must be filled out completely on every volunteer. This includes the “Consent for Ultrasound and/or
    ECG for Student Education” and the “HIPAA Release Form.” Turn these in per the instructions from your faculty. If applicable, complete an “Incidental Finding Form” as well.
  7. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the skills lab.
  8. Ultrasonic/ECG equipment should be plugged into the uninterrupted power supply boxes (UPS) (i.e. black boxes). UPS boxes should remain plugged in directly to the electrical wall outlets.
  9. When moving machines, Ethernet (internet) cords should be unplugged directly from the machine and not the walls. These cords should remain plugged into the walls.

  10. A Skills Lab Checklist sheet must also be completed and turned in before you leave the lab.

  11. You must complete your scanning by the end of your scheduled time, no exceptions. If you have not completed a

    1. Sign-up for another machine that is available at that time and continue the study on that machine

    2. Sign up for a different time scan in the allotted time, you may either:

  12. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and making sure the lab is ready for the next class or individualsigneduptoutilizetheskillslab. Thisincludes:

    1. Cleaning all gel off the machines and transducers

    2. Cleaning up any used linens

    3. Replacing linens on carts

    4. Disinfecting the machine, transducer, and chair

    5. Properly wrapping and storing cords

  13. Please notify your faculty of any skills lab supplies that may need to be reordered (such as gel, Protex, etc.)