Sonography Program to Sonography Program Transfer

Students previously enrolled in a sonography program at another college will be considered for transfer based upon their college work to date. Credit transferred for sonography courses must be from an accredited program. 

To be considered for admission into the sonography program, applicants must submit the following documents to the  Admissions Department: 

  1. Completed Admission Application 
  2. Official Transcript(s) 
  3. Applicant letter of explanation that details their rationale for the transfer 
  4. Contact information from two faculty teaching at the applicant’s current institution that have taught the applicant. 
  5. A letter from the Dean/Director of the previously attended program sent to the Admissions Department indicating that the applicant was not dismissed due to any ethical, legal, safety or moral issues and that the applicant is eligible for readmission. Must be on official school letterhead, and the original signed copy only will be accepted. 

To be eligible, the applicant must hold a minimum 2.5 GPA in their current sonography program. Withdrawal or unsuccessful completion (C- or below) of two required science or math courses may result in a denial of admission.  Candidates are eligible to apply and be considered for program to program transfer once. If the applicant meets minimum requirements and has a complete application, an interview may be scheduled. The Sonography APG  Subcommittee will determine acceptance. If the candidate is offered acceptance, the APG Subcommittee Chair will communicate to the Curriculum Subcommittee and Dean of Healthcare Studies. The Admissions Department will notify all applicants of acceptance status. Applicants who have been accepted will have their curriculum placement and plan of study determined by the Curriculum Subcommittee.