Satisfactory Academic Progress

Bryan College of Health Sciences has established the following policy related to student satisfactory progress for the purpose of assuring that the College is in compliance with the most current language found in Federal Regulation C.F.R. 668.34 which establishes standards for satisfactory academic progress that must be met in order for students to receive federal Title IV financial assistance. The following policy applies to all undergraduate students

Satisfactory academic progress will be assessed at the completion of each academic semester. Students will be notified in writing if they are not making satisfactory academic progress. It should be noted that lack of academic progress may affect a student’s academic standing, and a student’s ability to receive federal financial aid. The Registrar will notify students who are not meeting minimum academic standards (see academic policies). Financial Aid will notify students of any change in financial aid eligibility that is a consequence of failure to make satisfactory academic progress.

Evaluation for satisfactory academic progress will be performed using the following standards: (If a student changes majors or seeks to earn additional degrees, Financial Aid will measure progress by calculating cumulative data for these standards)

Qualitative Standard - Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Quantitative Standard - Pace of Progress

All students must successfully complete at least 66.67% of their cumulative attempted credit hours.

  • Effective fall 2019, for an undergraduate no letter grade less than a “C” in a general education course or a “C+” in a course in the major will be considered successful. For students entering prior to fall 2019, no letter grade less than a “C+” for any course will be considered successful. A grade of no pass (NP) is also not considered successful.

The following considerations will also be included in applying the qualitative standard:

  • Transfer credits accepted toward the student’s program are included in both the attempted and completed credits and are subject to the same grade standards as non-transfer credits. Your official cumulative GPA is derived from courses taken at Bryan College of Health Sciences; however, Bryan College of Health Sciences must include all attempted hours when calculating the maximum time frame for degree completion.
  • Credits for a course from which the student has withdrawn will not be considered successfully completed
  • Grades of incomplete (INC) will not be considered completed until the incomplete has been removed and a successful grade has been assigned.
  • When a student successfully repeats a course that had been previously failed, the grade for that course will replace the grade for the failed course on their transcript; and the credit hours will count as attempted and successfully completed. The credit hours for the failed course will also count toward attempted hours.

Maximum Time Frame

  • For Federal Financial Aid: Students will not receive federal financial aid once they have completed credit hours equaling 150% of the length of their program. For example: for a BSN student whose program is 128 credit hours in length, no financial aid will be given once the student has completed 192 credit hours (128 x 1.5 = 192).
  • For Optimum Student Retention and Performance: Students will be expected to complete their programs in a time period equal to 150% of their identified program of study as measured in years. Students who are not on a trajectory to complete in that time frame will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Consequences of Failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Any student failing to meet the qualitative or quantitative (pace) standards for satisfactory academic progress will be placed on financial aid warning. Students on financial aid warning may receive financial aid for one semester after warning status has been applied. Financial aid will be available in the following semester only if the student made satisfactory academic progress during the warning semester.

The student may also be subject to a change in academic standing. See policies related to academic standards

Re-Establishing Eligibility for Financial Aid

Eligibility for federal and institutional aid will be reinstated when a student presents the Director of Financial Aid with an official transcript from the Registrar verifying the satisfactory removal of the deficiency.  To request an appeal, please contact Financial Aid for the required appeal form.