Registration occurs in March/April for the summer and fall semesters. Registration for the spring semester occurs in October/November. Students will be notified regarding course offerings prior to registration. The course registration guides will be available on the College website See the academic calendar for registration dates. The College reserves the right to cancel any course offering for which enrollments are insufficient.

RN Portfolio Process for Course Validation

The RN portfolio process is a method that allows registered nurses with clinical practice experience to earn college credit toward the BSN degree. While the student must pay tuition for the credits earned via portfolio, the portfolio process validates prior experiential learning.

Students register for courses following the same process as all other course registrations. Students doing the portfolio for the clinical portion of the course will pay half (1/2) tuition for the clinical credits assigned to the course. Grades for the course and /or the portfolio completion will be recorded as a letter grade. If the student fails the course through the portfolio option, the student will be required to complete the course in its entirety.

Portfolio validation for the clinical component of the following courses may be an option. 

  • Nursing Management 
  • Community Health Nursing

All students will be required to take the theory component of Nursing Management and Community Nursing. This component cannot be waived by the portfolio process.

Portfolio validation is an option for students who have had clinical practice experience in the workplace where they have applied the concepts necessary to meet the objectives for the clinical portion of a course. The student must have sufficient work experience to meet all clinical outcomes. Partial credit towards clinical outcomes will not be given.

Portfolio validation of clinical credit is to be completed per directions and guidelines of the course.