Psychomotor Skill Assessment

Students enrolled in the traditional BSN program are required to participate in psychomotor skill assessment during objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs).

  • Psychomotor skills assessment will be conducted in a simulated environment.
  • Students will be provided psychomotor skills checklist(s) in advance. Students are expected to utilize the checklists, guidelines, and provided resources to prepare adequately for the assessment. Students will be familiar with the technology and equipment, expectations, stations, and timing of the assessments.
  • Students will be notified in course syllabi of required psychomotor skills assessments.
  • Qualified faculty will assess psychomotor skills in a controlled setting. Faculty will provide performance-based feedback to students.
  • Students who do not meet the established passing standard for a psychomotor skill will be expected to remediate and engage in repetitive practice prior to retesting at a later date.
  • Successful performance of skills is necessary to meet course outcomes and progress to future courses. Students must meet the passing standard prior to the start of the subsequent semester.
  • If a student is repeating a course, they will repeat psychomotor skills assessments, regardless of the previous score.
  • Psychomotor skills assessments will follow the clinical absence policy for the undergraduate nursing program.