Program Change

A current student in a bachelor’s degree program who desires to change to another bachelor’s degree program at the College must meet with his or her current academic advisor to initiate the process. Admission into the desired program is not guaranteed, and a change of program may extend the student’s anticipated graduation date. The student must also consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine how the program change might impact his or her financial aid. The student must complete a Request for Program Change form. The student will be evaluated based upon the admission criteria for the desired program, using previously received application materials and an updated transcript. The Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG) Committee of the desired program will make an acceptance determination. The APG chair will communicate the decision with the student’s current advisor, the dean or director of both programs, and the registrar’s office, and the admissions office. The admissions office will notify the student of their acceptance status. If the program change is approved, the date of admission to the desired program will be determined based on the availability of space, the curriculum, and course sequencing. An individual program of study will be created for the student, and the student may be assigned a new advisor.