Philosophy of General Education

The Philosophy of General Education of Bryan College of Health Sciences is built on the premise that education is more than a program of study. It is a life-long, interactive process that builds on previous experience and expands one’s world view promoting a change in attitudes, beliefs, values and/or behaviors.

General Education establishes a broad foundation of knowledge that is essential to the development of an educated person. Multidimensional, holistic growth of the individual is promoted through an integrated study of the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Communication, Mathematics, Humanities/Fine Arts, and Business/Management. A core of General Education knowledge is fundamental to any area of study within Bryan College of Health Sciences.

The educational process enables the graduate to think critically; communicate effectively both in written and oral forms; understand the forces of nature; participate as a contributing member of a culturally diverse, ever changing society; make ethical decisions; apply mathematical logic and reasoning skills; appreciate and recognize management as a response to economic and social factors; and value learning as a life-long process.