Philosophy of Advising

Bryan College of Health Sciences is committed to empowering students to achieve academic and professional goals through collaborative and individualized advising.

Upon enrollment to the College, students are partnered with an advisor until degree completion. Collaborative and individualized advising is guided by the following objectives and expectations:

Advisor and Advisee Objectives and Expectations

  1. Build Trust
    1. be an advocate
    2. communicate openly
    3. listen effectively
    4. honor commitments
    5. communicate availability
    6. maintain confidentiality
  2. Promote Professionalism
    1. foster accountability
    2. identify opportunities for growth
    3. utilize support systems and resources
  3. Promote Strengths
    1. focus on strengths
    2. recognize accomplishments
  4. Navigate Path to Degree Completion
    1. share accurate information
    2. participate in proactive degree completion planning
    3. remain accountable for degree completion plan
    4. establish, adapt, and achieve academic and professional goals

*Program progression and degree completion are ultimately the responsibility of the student.