Nursing Skills Lab Guidelines

To provide students with a safe, simulated, clinical environment to learn, practice, and increase proficiency of nursing skills.

  • Nursing skills include, but are not limited to, physical assessment, psychomotor skills, and critical thinking.

Nursing Skills Lab Hours, Scheduling & Reservations
Skills Lab Hours, Scheduling and Reservations: The Nursing Skills Lab Calendar will be posted outside the Skills Lab doors (Rooms 207 & 209) and will be available on the College website under College Calendars.  Students may use the Nursing Skills Labs any time they are not reserved.  Students may use the Skills Labs independently, with a group, or while Peer Tutors are present.  To reserve the Nursing Skills Labs, please contact the Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator.

General Care and Maintenance

  • Students and Faculty are responsible for leaving the skills lab neat and clean.
  • Dispose of all used supplies, materials, and trash when finished.
  • Straighten linen on the beds or replace with clean if stained.
  • Remove shoes when lying on the beds.
  • Return chairs to the tables, over-bed tables to the foot of the bed, and all equipment or supplies to where you found them.
  • Any equipment or supplies from the Skills Lab is to be used for educational purposes only.
  • Supplies from Skills Lab or Kits will not be used on any human.
  • Notify Skills Lab Coordinator if any equipment is broken, missing, or in need of replacement.

Manikin Care and Maintenance

  • Treat the manikins with respect.
  • Leave manikins in the manner that you found them.
    • Remove any dressings, tape, IV’s, catheters, or tubings when finished.
    • Position the manikins comfortably, and cover neatly with bedding when finished.  
  • Do not move manikins unless directed to do so.
    • Do not use betadine, markers, or lubricant on the manikins. Use only ‘Manikin Lubricant’ if needed.

Skills Lab Kits

  • Students who receive Skills Lab Kits at the beginning of their course should use supplies within those kits to practice.
  • Students who lose their Skills Lab Kit or need additional supplies are required to purchase replacement supplies. Students will access the Nursing Skills Lab Supplies Kit Charge Form located on the Bryan College of Health Sciences website under the Student Forms Tab. Students will complete and submit the Nursing Skills Lab Supplies Kit Charge Form to the BSN Skills Lab Coordinator. The BSN Skills Lab Coordinator will provide the student with the requested supplies and the supplies will be billed to the student account.

Sharps Safety

  • Sharps (including needles and syringes) will be locked in cabinets at all times.
  • Sharps will be available for practice only when Peer Tutors or Faculty are present for assistance.
  • Students are to practice injections only on the manikins provided.
  • Do not inject fluid into the manikins.
  • Dispose of used needles in the sharps container.
  • Needles and syringes may not be removed from the Nursing Skills Lab.

Lab Supplies and Equipment

  • Equipment and Supplies may be set up in advance for a lab or class. Do not use supplies from or rearrange these areas.
  • Students are encouraged to use the equipment while in the Lab. If equipment needs to be used outside of the lab, it must be checked out.

Checking Out Skills Lab Equipment

  • Skills lab equipment may be checked out to students by the Library Staff or Skills Lab Coordinator.
  • Equipment is due back to the library or Skills Lab Coordinator by 0800 the next scheduled school day.
  • Equipment may be checked out for a maximum of 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • If there is no bar code on the equipment, the Skills Lab Coordinator will check the item out.
  • Students are financially responsible for equipment checked out to them that is lost, broken, or not returned.
  • Equipment returned after the due date will be assessed a late fine. Equipment that is broken or not returned by the end of the course is subject to the replacement cost of the item plus a $10.00 fine. Students will be billed for the replacement cost and fine.

Nursing Skills Lab Peer Tutors

  • Peer Tutors are available to assist or guide students utilizing the Skills Lab for learning purposes.
  • When working with Peer Tutors, please bring your Skills Lab Kit for supplies. If you need additional supplies,
    Peer Tutors have access to limited supplies. They do not have access to all supplies or manikins in the Skills Lab.

Nursing Skills Lab Assistants

  • Skills Lab Assistants are responsible for setting up lab scenarios, supply inventory, and general Skills Lab maintenance.
  • Skills Lab Assistants are not responsible for assisting or guiding students who are practicing in the Skills Lab.