Library Policies

Library Purpose

The Library’s goals are to:

  1. Provide quality collections , resources and services that support the educational and clinical needs of our patrons through our own collections and through collaborations with other institution
  2. Facilitate and promote information literacy skills by instilling in our library constituents the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become lifelong learners and competent practitioners of evidence-based healthcare
  3. Utilize current technologies to strengthen services and expand access
  4. Provide the highest level of service to our patrons

General Rules

  1. Students, faculty and staff must check out all materials borrowed from the Library.
  2. The Library’s physical space is clearly divided for intended uses:
    1. The Computer Lab is a space for individual and group use of the College computers, and has casual seating for group work, socializing and community events.
    2. The “Quiet Side” of the Library is designated for individual, quiet, intentional study.
    3. The Group Study Room (on the “Quiet Side”) may be reserved for group use.  It is important to monitor the level of sounds within the Group Study Room so as not to disrupt individuals engaged in quiet study. 

Check Out Policies (physical materials only)

  1. Books: Books in the circulating collection may be checked out for three weeks.
  2. Journals: Print journals do not circulate.
  3. Laptops: Laptops are available to be checked out of the Library for one week or four weeks. Special circulation privileges may be granted by the Dean of Students.  
  4. Reserve Books: Books on the Course Reserve shelves do not circulate. Special circulation privileges may be allowed by a librarian.
  5. Skills Lab items: Skills lab items (such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and reflex hammers) are available to be borrowed for 24 hours. Special circulation privileges may be allowed by a librarian.
  6. Videos: DVDs, CD-ROMs and computer software do not circulate. Special circulation privileges may be allowed by a librarian.


  • Most journals in the Library’s collection are available online. Online journals are accessible through Library databases and the Online Catalog. Access requires use of an individual’s Bryan network username and password.

  • Print journals in the Library are primarily an historic collection. Print journals may be photocopied and may not be checked out. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances.


Each semester students are provided $25.00 credit ($35 for graduate students) for printing materials from the computer lab, student center computers and printers in the Science Lab.  Black & white printing is $0.05 per sheet of paper and color printing is $0.25 per sheet of paper. Student may pay, in cash only, to add additional funds over the amount allotted. Unused funds expire at the end of the semester.

Returning Items

All books, skills lab items and laptops are to be returned to the Circulation Desk in the Library. When the Library is closed, books to be returned can be placed in the book drop outside the Library door. Laptops and skills lab items must be returned when the Library is open.

Reserve Materials

Course Reserves are materials (books, journal articles, audiovisuals) that faculty determine are required to supplement course content.

  • Reserve Books are shelved by the Circulation Desk in the Library. Books are intended to be used in the Library. Special circulation privileges may be allowed by a librarian.
  • E-Reserve journal articles are accessed through the course management system (Canvas) or through a link from the Library home page. Use of eReserves is password-protected, requiring an individual’s Bryan network username and password to access the articles.


Overdue items will be charged to a student if not returned within a specific period. Most items will be charged to students after 60 days overdue. Any item with a due date of one week or less will be charged after 14 days overdue. Emails will be sent notifying students of overdue materials, before being charged.  All material must be returned by graduation or a block will be placed on your college account. Borrowers will be charged for any loss or damage occurring to Library material checked out in their name.

Photocopy Machine

The Library’s copy machine is available for use by all College students, faculty and staff. The copy machine may be used to photocopy course materials, to scan and email documents or as a facsimile (fax) machine.