Leave of Absence

Students may submit a request to the Registrar for a leave of absence. The date of re-enrollment will be determined based on numbers of students in each course and the sequence of courses. The request must be submitted prior to the start of the leave of absence, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. The leave of absence may not exceed one year; however, repayment of federal loans will begin after 180 days. Repayment of private loans may begin immediately upon leave; please call your lender to confirm. When returning to the course the student will start at the beginning of the course, regardless of where they were at the time the leave of absence was requested. Failure to return from an approved leave of absence shall be considered a withdrawal from the College. The withdrawal date shall reflect the start date of the leave of absence even though the leave was approved. The withdrawal policy will then be implemented.

Students may be required to complete transition activities if a one semester gap occurs between courses. Faculty and the student will collaborate to determine individualized activities designed to promote success in the program. Transition activities must be completed prior to resuming courses.