Healthcare Management (C)

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The faculty of Bryan College of Health Sciences, Healthcare Management Certificate program believe that: Certificate programs are designed to provide a method for individuals to develop skills and knowledge in specialized areas that do not require an in-depth degree program of study. The shortened time frame for courses and/or the program of study is designed to enhance the ability of the student to complete the specialized education in a way that does not heavily impact their daily workload and/or lifestyle, but still provides them with the opportunity to utilize a process of inquiry, application, and analysis.

The educational process for the Healthcare Management Certificate is a shared responsibility between student and faculty. Students must be committed to achieving their goals through a consistent demonstration of inquiry, information-seeking behaviors, engagement with faculty and peers, and analysis of learning needs. Faculty, likewise, are committed to the responsibilities of serving as a competent resource, guide and professional role model.


The Healthcare Management Certificate provides healthcare managers or those aspiring to become managers with in-depth knowledge of management principles including leadership and management skills that apply to the healthcare setting.  The program consists of 12-credit hours of online management courses and a one-credit field experience.  For individuals with a specific interest in applying Healthcare Management principles in a Telehealth setting, a Certificate in Healthcare Management: Telehealth Focus is available.  

Curriculum Objectives 

Upon completion of the program the graduate will be able to:

  1. Discuss the theories, concepts and skills of management relevant to the healthcare setting.
  2. Apply established principles and guidelines of human resources management of the healthcare setting.
  3. Practice healthcare management legally and ethically.
  4. Recognize the impact of healthcare economics on the healthcare industry and the healthcare consumer.
  5. Develop realistic operational and capital budgets within the healthcare manager’s role.

Requirements for Completion

Certificate: 13 credit hours

The Healthcare Management Certificate prepares the student to apply management principles, including leadership and management skills, in the healthcare setting. The program consists of 12 credit hours of online management courses and a one credit field experience. The program can be completed part-time and is designed for completion in two years or less.

Most courses are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level, making the program appropriate for those with Associate degrees as well as Baccalaureate degrees.

Students must complete 12 credit hours from the following courses.

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Students may opt to complete either the Certificate in Healthcare Management or the Certificate in Healthcare Management: Telehealth Focus.  Students completing the Telehealth Focus must complete both MGMT420 and MGMT430 as part of their 13 credit hours. 

Complete 1 credit field experience course.

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