Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all degree requirements as described in the Curriculum and Courses section of the applicable Catalog. Students are expected to assume responsibility for understanding the requirements of their program and for seeking appropriate assistance to do so. Students who do not successfully complete program requirements at the expected time will no longer be considered a part of their intended graduation cohort.

Applying for Graduation

Each candidate for graduation is required to apply for graduation by the posted deadline in the semester prior to the one in which they wish to graduate. The College’s allowing a student to participate in the graduation ceremony does not obligate the College to confer a degree should the student subsequently fail to meet degree requirements.

Degree Conferral

Degree conferral dates are in May, August, and December following the end of the semester. Degrees will not be awarded and transcripts will not be issued to graduates with outstanding financial, testing, or exit interview obligations to the College, until such obligations are met.


Commencement is held in May and December. Students should monitor College communication sources (e.g., College email, and the website) regarding ceremony date, time, and place.

Students who complete all their degree requirements at times other than the end of a semester (i.e. mid-term) will be invited to participate in the next regularly scheduled commencement and their graduation date will be the next identified degree conferral date. Students wishing to participate in an earlier commencement may file a petition with the Registrar. Each petition will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

There is no August commencement; therefore, students with 6 or fewer credits needed to complete graduation requirements at the end of the spring semester may participate in the May commencement provided they are registered for the needed courses in the immediately following summer semester and will complete those needed courses by the end of the summer semester as defined by Bryan College of Health Sciences. Students completing requirements in August will be listed as August graduates in the May commencement program. These students will receive their degree when all requirements are completed. Upon completion of program requirements, if criteria have been met for honors, the transcript will reflect those honors.