Grading System

Throughout individual courses, grades are recorded numerically. The final numeric course grade is calculated and rounded to the nearest hundredths place. Letter grades are assigned according to the final numeric value and grade point averages are computed according to the following schedule:

Percentage Grade Letter Grade Quality Points
95.00 - 100 A+ 4.0
90.0 - 94.99 A 4.0
85.00 - 89.99 B+ 3.5
80.00 - 84.99 B 3.0
75.00 - 79.99 C+ 2.5
70.00 - 74.99 C 2.0
65.00 - 69.99 D+ 1.5
60.00 - 64.99 D 1.0
59.99 and below F 0.0
Additional Grades Code Quality Points
Audit AU --
Administrative Withdrawal AW --
Credit by Examination CX --
Credit by Validation CV --
Credit by Waiver CW --
Incomplete INC --
In Progress IP --
No Pass NP --
Pass P --
Satisfactory S --
Unsatisfactory U 0
Withdrawal W --
Withdraw Failing WF --
Withdraw Passing WP --

Cumulative GPA equals the total quality points divided by total credit hours from the program prerequisite courses and/or required general education courses and courses in a major. Transfer credits are not included when calculating GPA.

Final grades are recorded in letter grades in courses that have both a theory and a clinical component. If the clinical portion of a course is unsatisfactory, the final course letter grade will be recorded as an “F”. If a student earns a satisfactory in the clinical portion of the course, the final course letter grade will be recorded as the theory grade earned.