General Education Assessments

Bryan College of Health Sciences students are required to complete testing as part of the College’s overall assessment of student learning. Students will receive notice of the testing requirement upon entry into their program of study and/or as part of a course requirement. Students will also receive communication indicating the test date/time and room number. Students do have the option of making alternate arrangements if the designated test date/time does not work for their schedules. Petitions to complete the test on a different date must be received and approved by course faculty and/or the Dean of General Education prior to the designated testing date. All testing must be completed within the overall testing period for a given test.

The following general education assessments are utilized:
American Chemical Society (ACS) exam. Administered during General Chemistry II (CHEM120).
Human Anatomy and Physiology Comprehensive Exam (HAPS). Administered during Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOS204) Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT). Administered during students’ programs of study. Students will receive communication informing them of the exam information.
Math Assessment. Administered during the highest-level required math course or during a student’s programs of study.

Students who do not make alternate arrangements in advance and who miss their designated testing date will be fined $100.00 and will be required to take a make-up examination. Decisions regarding the fine, make-up testing date, grading, and progression will be made by the course faculty member and/or the Dean of General Education.