Employment in Specialty Area


To establish a policy for students who wish to seek employment in their specialty area while still enrolled as a student.


Students wishing to seek employment in their area of specialty may do so according to the following guidelines and limitations.

  1. The student must have progressed through the curriculum to such a point that he/she has the knowledge and skills to competently perform, under appropriate supervision of the employer, the duties of the position being sought.
  2. Employment may not under any circumstances interfere with, or substitute for, any classroom or clinical schedules or assignments.
  3. The student may under no circumstances replace or assume the responsibilities of regular and/or qualified staff during scheduled course activities.
  4. Employment in the area of specialty is a matter between the employee and the employer. The College is not a part of, nor does it assume any responsibility for, matters related to the employment of a student while enrolled in the program of study.
  5. Employment outside of curricular activities is non-compulsory. The student must receive pay and is subject to standard employee policies.