Early Intervention Process

Personal, academic and/or financial problems can place students at risk of failing a course. The purpose of the Early Intervention Process is to provide early identification and intervention for students at risk for a variety of reasons. This Process is designed to support both students, faculty and staff. The Early Intervention Form will be submitted electronically to the individuals as indicated on the form to either Academic or Student Affairs staff for follow-up.

Early Intervention

Code of Conduct Violations (see student handbook for policy) Academic Integrity Violation (see student handbook for policy) Personal or Professional Development Concern Academic success Concern Other

To activate the Early Intervention Referral, these steps should be followed:

  1. Anyone can identify students at risk and fill out an Early Intervention Form.
  2. When a student “at risk” is identified, it is recommended but optional to inform the student than an Early Intervention will be initiated.
  3. An Early Intervention Form is completed on the student outlining the concerns identified. The completed form is filled out electronically and submitted to the Academic or Student Affairs staff as indicated on the form.
  4. The appropriate representative will contact the student via email or phone when necessary
  5. Individuals who complete an Early Referral Form will receive a confirmation email that the document was received.