Credit Hour Definition

A semester credit will consist of fifteen clock hours of face-to-face instruction during a semester, plus a reasonable period of time outside of instruction in which the student is required to devote to preparation for learning experience, such as preparation for instruction, study of course material, or completion of educational projects. A clock hour of instruction is 50 minutes in length. In the use of distance technology, the planned learning experiences are equivalent to the learning and preparation described above, as determined by duly qualified faculty responsible for evaluating learning outcomes for the award of unit credits. One undergraduate laboratory credit hour corresponds to 1 two- or three-hour meeting each week over the duration of a 15-week semester. One undergraduate credit hour in a clinical, skills lab, or practicum course corresponds to 45 contact hours over the duration of a semester. Preparation for laboratory/skills lab/practicum/clinical activities is expected on the nature of the experience.