Course Withdrawal Policy

A student who wishes to drop a course after the first week of the semester must withdraw from the course. The student must complete a "Request to Drop/Add a Course" and submit it to Records and Registration. If a student withdraws from a course before the end of the twelfth week of the semester, a grade of "W" (withdrawal) is recorded on the transcript. A withdrawal is not computed in the grade point average.

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from a course after the twelfth week of the semester or after the completion of a blocked clinical requirement for a course must petition the Dean of the student’s program for permission to withdraw. If approved to withdraw, the student will receive a “WP” (withdraw passing) or a “WF” (withdraw failing) on the transcript, depending upon the student’s grade in the course (class or clinical) at the time of withdrawal.  A “WP” or completion of blocked clinical requirements for a course and does not petition for a WP or WF, the course grade will be assigned based on work completed to date with a grade of zero assigned for work not completed. This may result in a failing grade. The failing grade will be included in the grade point average. A “WF” in a course will count as a failure and may impact progression.

Withdrawal deadlines for summer terms or sessions less than a full semester follow a prorated tuition refund and withdrawal schedule. Prorated schedules are available in Records and Registration.