Computer and Network Usage Policy

Students are encouraged to have a Windows-based personal computer with access to high-speed Internet. The College does not guarantee the performance of the wireless network. Performance is dependent upon network traffic and system loads. The College is not responsible for damage to student devices, for configuring software, or for ensuring the functionality of applications on student devices.

The College may provide computers for use in a classroom setting. Computers are also available for use on Campus. Students may check out laptops from the Library, pending availability. Users are required to save their work to a secure, personally-accessible storage location; the College does not assume any responsibility for storage. Printing capabilities are provided on campus. Students are provided a limited printing allotment each semester. Students are responsible for additional printing costs once the allotment limit has been reached.

When using a College computer or the College networks, users are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Usage of College computers and the College networks is tracked. All students, faculty, staff, and administrators are expected to report suspected inappropriate use of computer resources. Violations should be reported to the Dean/Director of the Program and the Dean of Students. Inappropriate use of computer resources, as determined by applicable College, Network, and IT Security personnel, may result in disciplinary and/or legal action. Users are not permitted to alter College hardware, software, or networks. If a situation occurs where additional computer resources are required, users need to submit requests to the College Network Administrator.