Compensatory Time Policy

A student is not expected to exceed 40 hours per week of scheduled school activities. However, while the need for compensatory time is very rare, there may be an occasional exception to this. For example, 1) accompanying an experienced technologist to a mobile experience; 2) experiencing “on-call” time with an experienced technologist; or 3) attendance at an instructor-approved conference or health fair. In the event that any of these experiences, or any other required school activity would result in a total of greater than 40 hours of school activities in any given week, the student will receive an equal amount of compensatory time free of scheduled school activities.

Procedure for Receiving Compensatory Time 
In the event that the Clinical Coordinator observes that a student has entered in Trajecsys more than 40 hours in a week due to regular clinical activities, the Clinical Coordinator will determine when the compensatory time is to be taken and adjust time records accordingly. In the event the student would like to attend an in-service, or extra educational activity, the student should report the following information about their activities:

  1. The type and location of the school activities during that week
  2. The name of the Instructor/Preceptor(s) supervising the activity
  3. The number of hours spent at each activity

The Clinical Coordinator and student will mutually determine when the compensatory time is to be taken.