Code of Conduct

In keeping with the mission of Bryan College of Health Sciences, the Student Code of Conduct was developed to maintain an environment that fosters student success and promotes professionalism. Each student is subject to federal and state laws; respective county and municipal ordinances; and all policies, rules, and regulations of Bryan College of Health Sciences, Hastings College, Bryan Medical Center and Mary Lanning Healthcare . The College expects all students to comply with all laws. In addition, students are expected to maintain the values of the College and comply with the policies and regulations of the Colleges and Medical Centers as outlined in the Student Handbook.

The College, in consultation with students, faculty, and staff, has developed policies for student conduct and College discipline policies. The College and its Board of Trustees have established College standards to support a philosophy of education based on socially responsible freedom. The policies and procedures contained in the Student Handbook are established in order to provide a climate necessary for achieving the goals of learning and personal development.

All violations of College policies and procedures committed on or off College property (both inside and outside the classroom), or at officially sponsored College events/activities (on or off campus) or via an electronic network or by electronic means fall within the scope of the Student Code of Conduct. The College reserves the right to take disciplinary action against students when their off-campus behavior violates College expectations and/or policies or when it adversely impacts or could adversely impact the College or surrounding community. The College expects students to conduct themselves in accordance with the law. Student behavior off the premises of the campus that may have violated any local, state, or federal law, or that yields a complaint from other alleging law violations or student misconduct, will be reviewed by the College to determine the appropriate course of action by the College. The College reserves the right to report any situations involving student misconduct to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

In addition to applying this Code of Conduct to matriculated students, if between the time of an offer of admission and a student’s matriculation the College learns of conduct that appears to be inconsistent with the behavioral expectations for student, the College reserves the discretion and right to withdraw such an offer of admission.