Clinical Practice Policy: Sonography

  1. Students will follow standards of current, safe practice and institutional policies at all times.
  2. Any new procedure must be discussed with the clinical instructor/preceptor before proceeding.
  3. The student is expected to follow the recognized scope of practice for the diagnostic medical sonographer, published by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) under the supervision of their assigned preceptor with the following exceptions

    1. Students are not allowed to perform any procedure that requires certification or training beyond entry level; e.g., ACLS, PALS, NALS.

    2. Students are not allowed to perform venipuncture.

    3. Students are not allowed to inject any type of contrast medium. They may inject micro-bubbles during anechocardiographic bubble study under the direct supervision of a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer (RDCS).

    4. Students are not allowed to administer local anesthesia of any sort, e.g., Cetacaine spray to the throat for TEE procedures.

  4. Instructors and preceptors have the right to limit the student scope of practice based on clinical situation, hospital policy, and student performance.