Clinical Practice Policy - Nursing

Students will follow standards of current, safe practice and institutional policy at all times. Any new procedure or medication route needs to be discussed with the clinical faculty/preceptor before proceeding. Students are accountable to perform any skill, procedure or medication route taught previously and throughout the program.

Students are not permitted to perform any procedure or give medication that is investigational and/or requires training or certification beyond entry level, e.g., CAPD, ACLS, PALS, and NALS. Faculty/Preceptors have the right to limit student scope of practice based on clinical situation and student performance.

Medications: Each time a medication is given students will follow the Rights of Medication administration. All high alert medications must be checked by the clinical faculty/preceptor at all times before administration. Courses have the right to develop additional requirements and/or limitations. All medication errors are to be reported to the faculty/preceptor, institutional policy will be followed for reporting errors, and errors will be documented on the Clinical Evaluation Record.