Clinical Attendance Policy

Clinical Attendance Policy Beliefs and Expectations
The faculty of Bryan College of Health Sciences believes that clinical experience is essential to preparing a health care professional who is competent and caring, and that consistent attendance and participation in assigned clinical activities is a critical element in professional development, therefore, students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled clinical experiences. The faculty in each course best understand the requirements for adequate clinical experience in that particular area, and that while 100% attendance and participation in assigned clinical experiences is highly desirable and expected, it may not be essential in every case for achievement of course objectives or College goals.


  1. Students will be required to make-up absences, as the course instructors deem that the experiences missed are necessary for satisfactory achievement of course outcomes and completion of the course.
  2. Absences will be recorded and monitored. The student must be present enough, in the faculty’s opinion, to demonstrate consistency and satisfactory performance during any given course to be considered complete in the course.
  3. Students must be complete in prerequisite courses before advancing to the next level in the curriculum, regardless of total number of hours missed.
  4. Faculty will facilitate attendance at such professional activities as student association conventions, student government conferences, and college committee meetings. However, students may be required to make-up missed experiences within the course as deemed necessary by the course faculty.
  5. “Make-up” is defined as demonstrating comparable outcome understanding or skill for the content/experience missed.
  6. The Academic Dean or Program Director of each division reserves the right to assess a make-up fee for make-up experiences.