Classroom Dress Code Policy

Dress code will be established with student input in conjunction with the College Dean of Students and faculty, so the highest professional standards are maintained, but also taking into consideration comfort and practicality for the student” as well as the dress code of the parent organization Bryan Health. The purpose and goal of a classroom dress code is to reflect a professional, respectful, and scholastic attitude about college dress. Expected dress and appearance as described below is universal and applies to: classrooms, the library, skills lab, hallways, offices, student areas, and any other Bryan supported event. 

Students should wear items of clothing with the following characteristics:

  • Clean, in good repair, and well-fitting
  • Adequately conceals all private anatomical parts and undergarments
  • Conceals the upper half the thighs and entire buttocks
  • Free of vulgar, suggestive, provocative statements or advertising (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, sexual connotation)
  • Includes footwear
  • Includes student identification badge

Tattoos that are deemed offensive (including, but not limited to, drug related, sexually explicit, offensive language, and/or gang related in nature) must be covered at all times while in classroom learning activities on campus.

Failure to comply with dress code may result in the student being asked to change clothing. Students who do not follow established dress code may have further disciplinary action and may be dismissed from Bryan College of Health Sciences.

Students may also refer to Bryan Medical Center Dress Code Policy.