Charges and Fines for Schedule Adjustments, Rescheduling or Makeup of Course Experiences

The faculty recognize that life events can interfere with the student attending a clinical experience. Given this understanding, the School of Nursing has identified the appropriateness of providing two clinical misses or clinical schedule changes without a charge beginning with the Summer practicums and running through the Fall and Spring academic semesters. This is not two per course, but two per total clinical experiences during the designated time. This does not excuse the absence in terms of requirements for makeup, but rather provides two non-charged misses or schedule changes in one academic year.

After two absences or requests for change during the academic year, the student will be charged $50 for each additional clinically related course experience that requires schedule adjustments. This includes student requests, rescheduling of student missed experiences, and makeup of student clinical experiences.

A $100 fee will be charged to any student who is a no-show or does not call to report an absence for any clinical experience, regardless of the number of absences incurred.

The above charges and fines will relate to clinical experiences within the nursing courses. Clinical experiences include, but are not limited to; direct patient care in a hospital setting, outpatient and community clinical, observations, preceptored/mentored experiences, service learning, class field trips/in-services, skills lab and simulation lab.

Military obligations will not be charged, but the student is expected to communicate needs to faculty upon receiving notice from the military.