Certificates Offered

Graduate and Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management Certificate is designed to provide healthcare managers or those aspiring to become managers with in-depth knowledge or management principles and the opportunity to learn leadership and management skills that will be able to apply to the healthcare setting. Courses are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level so it is available to individuals with Associate Degrees, as well as, those with Baccalaureate degrees.

Graduate Certificate in Simulation Education

The Simulation Education program enables learners to grow in their understanding of the active learning theory and teaching strategies, as well as, best practices in facilitating learning in the simulation environment. The program culminates with a unique practicum experience that will result in a contribution to the field of patient simulation education.

Post-Master’s in Nursing Certificates

The Post-Master’s Certificates provide an opportunity for RNs who hold an MSN to develop competency in nursing education or nursing leadership.