Baccalaureate Nursing Program Examinations Utilized

ATI prepares students to pass NCLEX, which all nursing students must take upon graduation to be licensed as a registered nurse. Because of this, ATI proctored assessments are required, as designated, at various points throughout the curriculum. Specific information related to ATI will be given and available to students at the beginning of the nursing program.

Students will receive points toward their final course grade for ATI practice and proctored assessments. Distribution of points can be found within the syllabi for courses administering the proctored assessments.

Students who do not receive at least a Level II on any ATI proctored assessments will be required to complete ATI progression activities, which includes remediation and a second proctored assessment, before the start of the next semester. Progression activity dates will be published in syllabi for courses that administer ATI proctored assessments. Failure to take assessments and / or complete the progression activities may impact students’ progression in the nursing program.

Students unable to take scheduled ATI proctored assessments will be issued a rescheduling fee for an alternate testing time. Students who no show / no call for scheduled ATI proctored assessments will be charged a fee and rescheduled for an alternate testing time. This includes proctored assessments administered during the semester and ATI progression activities.

If a student is repeating a course, they will retake the ATI practice and proctored assessments, regardless of previous score. If a student has already taken a proctored assessment achieving at least a level II and is not repeating a course, student may petition the Nursing Assessment Sub-Committee to opt out of taking the proctored assessment.