Audit a Course Policy

The primary purpose for offering course audits is to allow students with no need or desire for academic credit to pursue their interest in a particular subject matter. Auditing gives students access to course materials and opportunities to participate as determined by the course faculty. Students do not receive a grade or credit for an audited course.

Application to or enrollment in the College is not required to audit a course. Registration to audit a course requires the permission of the course faculty, faculty advisor (if applicable), and the Dean or Director of the Program. Permission is considered on a space available basis with priority given to those students enrolled for credit. A student may audit up to 8 credits. The clinical or lab portion of a clinical course may not be audited.

The following stipulations apply to course audits:

  • The student is required to contact the course faculty prior to the start of the course to inquire about the expectations for auditing the course.
  • Access to exams is not allowed for nursing courses and per instructor in all other courses. The course faculty determines and communicates the expectations and allowances for student involvement in remaining class activities/assignments.
  • An audited course may not be used to earn credit by examination or credit by waiver.
  • An audited course cannot count in fulfillment of current program or degree requirements.

Tuition for auditing a course is listed on the tuition and fee schedule. Refunds are based on the refund policy for the College. An individual must declare audit status at the time of registration and may change to credit status only during the first week of the course and only with permission of the Dean or Director of the Program. If audit status is changed to credit status, regular tuition and fee rates apply and the student must fulfill all of the course requirements.

The official transcript will reflect “AU” for those individuals who successfully meet the expectations determined by the course faculty. No grade is assigned and no course credit is earned.