Administrative Withdrawal from the College

Students will be withdrawn from Bryan College of Health Sciences by the administration for reasons such as failure to return from an approved Leave of Absence, dropping all classes after the beginning of the semester, failure to register for subsequent semesters, or failure to meet attendance expectations. In addition, the College may require withdrawal of a student for medical reasons. Students will be sent electronic communication informing them of the withdrawal and the reason for the action.

Administrative withdrawal is a neutral action and should not be considered as negative or of a disciplinary nature. The official date of withdrawal will be determined by the last date of attendance for an enrolled student, or the first date of the semester for students that failed to start classes as scheduled.

Tuition due will be based upon the official date of withdrawal, and any tuition refunds will be determined according to the tuition refund policy. The student will be placed on a transcript hold if there are unmet obligations to the College.

Students who are administratively withdrawn from the Basic Nursing Assistant course during the summer semester due to background and/or abuse registry check findings will receive an 80% refund.