Administrative Withdrawal from a Course

Students who are listed on a class roster but who have not attended class or clinical or participated in a distance course via the Learning Management System by the end of the first week of a course will be administratively withdrawn from the course unless prior written approval is obtained from either the faculty or Registrar’s office. 

In addition, failure to regularly attend and engage in the learning process in a course may result in an administrative withdrawal at any point during the semester as evidenced by any of the following:

  • Failure to submit any assignments for 14 calendar days 
  • Failure to attend class meetings for two consecutive weeks
  • Failure to access a course via the Learning Management System for 14 calendar days

If a student is administratively withdrawn from a course that is to be taken concurrent with additional courses, the student will be withdrawn from the additional courses as well. 

In situations with extenuating circumstances, such as medically related absences, it is the responsibility of the student to reach out to the appropriate college staff to document the reason for absence and make plans with faculty to meet course expectations.