Academic Integrity Violations

Alleged and confirmed student violations of this academic integrity policy will be addressed utilizing the Academic Integrity Violation Policy. Enrolled students confirmed to be in violation of this academic integrity policy will participate in an individualized remediation plan in order to learn and grow. In addition, a sanction may be imposed upon the student. Definitions of types of academic integrity violations, along with typical sanctions imposed for such violations, can be found in the Academic Integrity Violation Policy. Examples provided are intended for clarification only, and are not all-inclusive. The Academic Integrity Violation Policy also includes a flowchart that visually identifies the process.

** Factors given consideration when determining appropriate sanctions may include but are not limited to: 

  • Self-reporting
  • Level of intent to deceive
  • Scale of violation
  • Stakes of assignment/exam
  • Prior learning opportunities
  • Outcomes resulting from the violation, including patient outcomes in clinical situations  Student’s response to opportunities to take corrective action
  • Student’s view of the violation in terms of remorse, understanding impact (on learning or patient safety, for example)
  • Student’s level of honesty in discussions or other investigation pertaining to the violation
  • Prior engagement in academic integrity violations, according to record maintained by Provost